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How do I purchase tickets online?
You can purchase tickets online by visiting and selecting your preferred theatre from the 'Theatres' button in the top menu bar. Once you find your preferred theatre, all available movies and special events for today and future dates, if available, will display. To complete your online ticket purchase, click on your preferred showtime. You will be required to complete the rest of the online purchase by entering any applicable information including credit or debit card, SCENE card number or any special promotion codes. 

Once you have successfully completed your purchase, an order confirmation page will display. The confirmation page will provide a summary of your purchase including the name of the film/event, date of performance and number of tickets and your preferred theatre. 

You will also receive a confirmation email to the email address you supplied when placing your order. The confirmation email will include the same details as your order confirmation page.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to print and bring a copy of your order confirmation email to the theatre when redeeming your tickets.

How do I resend my tickets?
To re-send your tickets please visit:

What are Promotional Codes or Coupons?
Periodically, promotion codes or coupons may be offered by Cineplex or one of its affiliates, promotional partners or advertisers. These promotional codes or coupons will be available to you through the Cineplex online ticketing system. Promotional offers or coupons frequently feature discounts on admission tickets or on tickets purchased for a specific movie or other products and services offered by Cineplex or its affiliates, promotional partners or advertisers.
Information about specific promotion codes or coupons can be found either at in the promotion code and coupon section or via the promotional information supplied by promotional partner(s).

Are advance ticket sales available via online ticketing?
Advance tickets can be purchased via your mobile device, online or at box office or at any Automated Ticketing Kiosk (ATK) for most movies each Wednesday for the next 9 days. Occasionally, tickets are also offered up to 2 weeks in advance for select features or Special Events.

I was double charged, or have an incorrect charge for my Online Ticket purchase, what do I do?
Please contact Cineplex Entertainment Guest Services through the Feedback Form below, where a representative will be pleased to assist you.

Will Cineplex see my banking information?
No. Cineplex does not have access to any of your account information or your transactional history on our website; we are only notified by the third party if the transaction is successful.

How do I pay for my Online Tickets?
We accept VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, AMEX, INTERAC and PayPal. Gift Cards may also be applied to your transaction. Also, you may choose to redeem your SCENE points for online tickets.


How can I purchase tickets on my mobile device?
You can purchase tickets using your mobile device by going to where you will find our mobile site. You may also use a native mobile application (example BlackBerry App) as they become available for your device by going directly to

You may browse from all available showtimes in our theatres for movies and special events. Once you find your preferred showtime(s) follow the prompts including email address, ticket quantity and type and ticket pick up option. You will also be prompted to complete your payment by using either your credit card or SCENE card number.

I have a promotional code. Can I use it to purchase a ticket on my mobile device?
Yes, as long as you have an eligible promotion code for the movie or event you wish to purchase, you may apply the promotion code. The same terms and conditions for use of the promotion code apply to mobile and online purchases. If you successfully apply an eligible promotion code, the total order amount will update to reflect eligible discounts based on the terms of the promotion.

How do I know I have completed my purchase successfully?
Once you have successfully completed your purchase, an order confirmation page will display. The confirmation page will provide a summary of your purchase including the name of the film/event, date of performance and number of tickets and theatre. An email confirmation will also be emailed to you, with your tickets attached.

How do I pick up my tickets using my mobile device or receive by Booking ID?
You will receive an order confirmation page with a Booking ID. Simply bring your mobile device to the theatre. You can either enter your Booking ID at an Automated Ticketing Kiosk (ATK) or by bringing the device to either the Box Office or Concession stand, displaying your Booking ID. To access your Booking ID, please access your email via your mobile device to view your Confirmation Page.

NOTE: The Confirmation Page cannot be accessed through the Cineplex Mobile App.

My theatre offers PRINT, SKIP, SCAN ticketing. How does this work with mobile ticketing?
When purchasing tickets with a mobile device for a PRINT, SKIP, SCAN enabled theatre, you will be given the option of either printing your tickets and bringing them to the theatre or picking up tickets at the theatre using your mobile device. If you choose the PRINT, SKIP, SCAN option, your will receive an order confirmation email with a PDF attachment. You MUST print your ticket(s) and bring them to the theatre. You can skip the box office and go directly to the ticket taker who will scan your ticket(s) for admittance.

If you choose to use your mobile device, you will be sent a Booking ID. Bring your mobile device with the Booking ID to the theatre where you can. You can retrieve your tickets using your Booking ID at a ticketing Kiosk, Box Office or Concession stand.

How do I reverse an incorrect charge on my credit card?
You should contact Cineplex Entertainment Guest Services in the Feedback Form below, where a representative will be pleased to assist you.

Are advance ticket sales also available via mobile ticketing?
Advance tickets can be purchased via your mobile device, online or at box office or at any Automated Ticketing Kiosk (ATK) for most movies each Wednesday for the next 9 days. Occasionally, tickets are also offered up to 2 weeks in advance for select features or Special Events.

Will Cineplex see my banking information?
No. Cineplex does not have access to any of your account information or your transactional history on our website or via your mobile device; we are only notified by your financial institution if the transaction is successful.

Can my Cineplex tickets in Passbook, be scanned at the theatre?
Yes. Passbook uses a different barcode format than our Online and Mobile tickets, but it is easily scanned by our in-theatre devices.

If I am not using an Apple device, can I add my tickets to the Passbook?
No. Passbook is only available for Apple devices that run iOS6 (excluding the iPad).

How do I add my Cineplex tickets to my Passbook?
After purchasing your tickets through your Mobile Device, your confirmation page will appear. At the top-right hand side, click [NEXT] and the Passbook page will be displayed. You can add your tickets by clicking [ADD]. Click [DONE] to complete your purchase.

How long will my Cineplex tickets remain in Passbook?
Tickets will remain in the Passbook until you manually delete them.

My tickets in Passbook did not scan properly at the theatre, how can this be fixed?
Please contact Cineplex Entertainment Guest Services through the Feedback Form below, where a representative will be pleased to assist you.


How can I subscribe to your newsletter?
Subscribers can receive weekly emails with showtimes for their favourite theatres.

To subscribe to My Cineplex, please visit:

How can I unsubscribe from your newsletter?
To unsubscribe from the newsletter, please click on the link shown below:

Log into your account and you will be presented with a screen to unsubscribe to the newsletters.


Make your experience even easier by "Favourite-ing" a theatre. Simply go to your local theatre's details page and click on the star entitled "Save as Favourite" and will remember your favourite theatres. Next time you visit, you can check showtimes, buy tickets, and see what is new under "My Favourite Theatres".


Why do I have to pay a surcharge for 3D film?
The premium paid to see 3D films is not for the 3D glasses, but rather it reflects the cost of providing this new technology in our theatres.  Guests are more than welcome to keep their glasses for future 3D presentations or recycle them in the designated recycling boxes provided on site. The 3D glasses recycling box is then collected by Real-D, the company that developed the 3D technology, and they recycle the glasses at their facility. 

What is the surcharge for 3D, IMAX, UltraAVX, VIP or D-Box film presentations?
3D films: $3
IMAX films: $7
UltraAVX film: $3 ($5 for 3D)
VIP auditoriums: $7 ($6 in London)
D-Box seats: $8 ($11 for 3D)

If I have a Corporate Coupon, do I still need to pay the surcharge?
Yes. The Corporate Coupon is purchased at a discounted rate for the regular admission price. It does not cover the cost of the surcharge.


How can I enter contests on your website?
You may enter contests by clicking on:

Some contests are open to all website visitors while others are available exclusively to My Cineplex subscribers. Each contest entry page will explain the type of contest. Please consult rules and regulations on the contest entry form for full details.


How can I purchase an ad in the digital pre-show?
Please contact Cineplex Media at 416-539-8800, or


Where can I find additional information regarding the company?
The most up to date information on Cineplex Entertainment can be found on our Investor Relations site at the following link:

Investor Relations

Where can I send my resume?

You can visit for more information on job offerings at Cineplex Entertainment, or e-mail your resume to

Where can I solicit a donation for a corporate charity, local charitable organization, school committee, or sports team?
Many theatres are actively involved in their communities and have existing relationships with local charitable organizations. Requests for community events should be forwarded to your local Cineplex Entertainment theatre. A written request for donation on letterhead must be provided. Corporate charities may send a written request for a donation to our Donations Committee at Cineplex Entertainment LP, 1303 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M4T 2Y9. Requests may also be sent by e-mail to

Are any theatres hiring anytime soon?
All of our theatres hire staff according to their own needs. You can hand your resume in at the theatre with your availability or you can fill out the online application at:

A theatre will contact you when they will be holding a casting call.


Who can I contact if I don't agree with a film's rating?
The Provincial Film Review Boards set the ratings of films and trailers. Any concerns can be directed to them. Please visit the link below for a list of the Provincial Film Review Boards.

What are the definitions of the provincial film ratings and where can I find information about sexual content, gratuitous language, or violent scenes in a film?

Additional information alerting viewers to specific content should be available from the Theatre or the Guest Services department. Film classifications are set by each province's respective Film Review Board and vary considerably from province to province.

What does the rating "STC" mean?
STC stands for Subject To Classification. It means that the provincial film review board has not placed a rating on the film yet.

What identification is required for R, 18A, and 14A rated films?
Identification should be requested for all Guests of a questionable age by box office and ticket taker staff members. We also have the right to ask Guests for identification at any point of the movie-going experience. The accepted forms of identification are:

These are the only forms of identification that include a photo and a date of birth.

Why is a movie advertised at your Theatre if it's not playing there?
Occasionally you may see a movie poster advertising a movie that is "Coming Soon." The movie may not necessarily open at that particular theatre. Please check the showtimes section of this site, or your local newspaper to confirm your movie selection.

Why do the ads on TV rate this movie differently than it is rated at your Theatre?
Film distributors, like Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Disney, supply the advertising for the films they distribute. Since many distributors are based in the U.S., their advertisements may reflect U.S. ratings.


What coupons/passes are considered Corporate Coupons?

The Corporate Coupons we have in circulation are:

Where can I purchase Corporate Coupons / Gift Cards?
You can purchase our Cineplex Night Out and Child Night Out coupons at your local Costco Retail Store. The Cineplex Admit One coupons may be purchased at your local CAA Retail Store. If you are looking to purchase the coupons in bulk, please contact our Corporate Sales Department by calling 1-800-313-4461 or e-mail
Cineplex Entertainment Gift Cards can be purchased online at or at any Cineplex Theatre Location.

What does “No Passes” mean?
Certain films are placed under a pass restriction for a period of time, to be determined by the distributor, and certain vouchers will not be accepted for admission. Please be assured that Cineplex Entertainment' gift certificates, Courtesy tickets, Cineplex Night Out Coupons, and Admit One coupons will be accepted at all times, even for those films with a "NO PASSES" restriction.

Can a guest living outside of Canada purchase Cineplex Entertainment Gift Cards for relatives living in Canada?
No. When purchasing Cineplex Entertainment Gift Cards through the Cineplex Online Store, you must be using a Canadian Internet Provider, Canadian Credit Card and have a Canadian Billing Address.

How can I rent an auditorium in one or more theatres for the purpose of showing my own film, viewing a current release, or for a corporate function/promotion?
Please contact Corporate Sales at or phone 1-800-313-4461.

Where can I find information on booking a birthday or XBOX party?
For more information on our birthday parties and other group bookings, please contact your local Cineplex Entertainment theatre directly, or visit:

I didn’t receive my PIN Code/Barcode for my E-Gift Card, who should I speak to?
Please send an email to and provide them with as much information as they will be able to assist you.

What is your refund policy for the E-Gift Cards?
There are no refunds or exchanges for E-Gift Cards.

How do I use my E-Gift Card?
Simply display a printed copy of the E-Gift Card or a digital copy on any mobile device for redemption.

Does an E-Gift Card expire?
No. There is no expiration date for any E-Gift Cards.

How soon will my E-Gift Card get delivered?
All E-Gift Card orders will be delivered within minutes of the completed transaction. If your E-Gift Card is not received within 2 hours of your purchase, please e-mail us at who will assist you.

What if my E-Gift Card is lost, stolen or I have a question after my purchase?
You are encouraged to contact our Gift Card Customer Support team for any questions or concerns by email at who will assist you. *If an E-Gift Card is lost or stolen a replacement E-Gift Card will match the balance of your account at the time you reported your original card missing. The replacement E-Gift Card will be sent to you at no additional cost.


What is the Cineplex Entertainment refund policy?
Tickets purchased online or at the theatre, must be refunded at the theatre’s box office within 30 minutes of the performance showtime. You must bring your tickets and have access to the method of payment purchase (i.e. debit or credit card). If the ticket was purchased using a debit or credit card, you must also show a copy of the transaction receipt. Photo ID, may be required to prove ownership of Credit Card.


What is Cineplex Tuesdays?
On Tuesdays (subject to rare exception), ticket prices for all film performances (3D, UltraAVX, UltraAVX 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, VIP, VIP 3D or D-BOX, but not applicable to Front Row Centre events) can be purchased at the Tuesday discounted rate. However, if you are a SCENE Member, you will receive an additional 10% off the discounted amount as well as 100 points for your individual ticket purchase. Otherwise applicable SCENE discounts will generally apply even if the title is not otherwise discounted. You must have your SCENE Card swiped/scanned to receive the additional discount at the theatre or entered in when purchasing tickets online. Maximum of six (6) tickets for any performances.


I purchased tickets for myself and for my companions. Why did I only receive 100 points?
When purchasing tickets, you will receive 100 points for your own individual ticket purchase with a maximum of 200 points at Cineplex Entertainment theatres, for up to 2 unique performances per day. Also, you will receive 20 bonus points for purchasing tickets online.

If you purchase children’s tickets during your transaction, you will be awarded with up to 200 bonus points (50 points per child ticket, max 2 children per performance, for up to 2 unique performances per day), as children under 14 years of age cannot become members.

The SCENE Entertainment Rewards Program is based on individual membership and was designed to reward each member for their visits to the theatre.  Each member earns points for their individual admission purchase regardless the amount of tickets purchased, and the accumulative points can be redeemed for a reward for themselves for their participation in the program.  An additional member who accompanies any member to the theatre can also earn points when multiple tickets are purchased.  Details on the SCENE Rewards program are available on the website, with additional details listed in the Terms & Conditions, which required acceptance to join this free rewards program.  Please note that the points allocation policy has not changed since the program was launched. 

How do I claim my SCENE Night Out (SNO) concession voucher?
SCENE Members can present their concession voucher to the Concession Stand and receive their Popcorn and Drink. However, the SCENE Member that had redeemed 2500 points must present their SCENE Card to claim the concession items.

I received a promotional email to receive bonus points, but the points have not been added to my account.
Please contact SCENE at 1-866-586-2805 or at

I lost my SCENE card, how do I replace it?
To have your SCENE card replaced, please contact SCENE at 1-866-586-2805 or at

I cannot access my SCENE account. How do I get my account information?
To have your SCENE account information sent to you, please contact SCENE at 1-866-586-2805 or at

How do I EARN points?
The following does not include all scenarios. For full details, please visit:



Paid Admission (General/Senior)†

100 Points (Maximum 2 Unique visits per day)

Paid Admission (Child)**

50 Points / Child (Maximum 2 Children per day)

Using a Cineplex Admit One

100 points

Using a Cineplex Night Out Coupon

100 points

Using the Access 2 Entertainment Card

100 points (For the Paid Admission portion)

 † = Daily Maximum of 200 Points
** = Daily Maximum of 100 points

How do I REDEEM my SCENE points?
The following does not include all scenarios. For full details, please visit:



Free Admission (General/Child/Senior)
[3D, VIP, VIP-3D, IMAX, IMAX-3D, UltraAVX, UltraAVX-3D]

1000 points

Free Combo (Large Drink & Large Popcorn)

1000 points

SCENE Night Out (SNO)

  • 2 Admissions
  • 2 Regular Drinks
  • 1 Regular Popcorn

2500 points

Child’s Night Out

  • 1 Child Admission
  • 1 Kid’s Combo

1500 points

WWE Event

1200 points


Not Available

Other Events (e.g. Opera, Concerts)


How can I contact Guest Services?
You can contact Guest Services by phone at 1-800-333-0061 Option 8

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